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The Vigilante Nighthawk

Home of the masked geek

Vigilante Nighthawk
28 August 1981
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  • v_nighthawk@livejournal.com
Geek and proud. My specific geek interests: Jeet Kun Do, computers, web programming , sci fi, anime. Yes, I am an otaku. Well, I a mild otaku. I've been a fan of anime since the Pioneer dubbing of DBZ.

I am very interested in politics and concerned with where our country is headed. WARNING: Read my pro-liberal rants at your own risk. I am not a big fan of flame wars, though I may jump into the fray occasionally if I'm bored. If its a debate, though, I prefer to keep it civil.

I am also a martial artist. I practice Bruce Lee style...The real Bruce Lee style (sort of, but I won't get into that here), Jeet Kune Do.